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Adler Planetarium


If your choice for a visit is a place where you can have fun and learn together, then Adler Planetarium should be your next spot to rely on. This location can be a wonderful place to visit with your kids who love science and interested in knowing more about the Universe.

What makes the Adler Planetarium Chicago a must-visit place?

We’ll share a few reasons to make Adler Planetarium a fantastic place to visit in the Chicago area.

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Escape to Stars:

You’ll find some amazing exhibits and information related to the stars and the Universe, which will make you feel that you are traveling in space and feeling the stars around you. Young kids can understand the complex phenomenon of the Universe in a better way through visual depiction. Even elders can have fun while exploring the new realities of the outer world.

Enjoy the shows:

Special shows with a focus on the stars are part of the Adler Planetarium’s main attraction. These shows started in 2006 and have a regular audience since then. You can also visit the place to have all this fun. The best is there are multiple shows available so you can choose the one that matches your interests the most.

All these shows are fact-based, so you can learn a lot of new stuff entertainingly.


Do you know you can find the greatest collection of astronomy-related tools in this Planetarium? Multiple tools that have been part of the biggest discoveries are displayed here to help young minds see the glorious past and the need for scientific studies in the future.

Summing up:

Your trip to Adler Planetarium would be one of a kind. So, be ready to expect a lot of questions if you are taking your kids along. They’ll have a lot to ask during and after the trip. Have fun.

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