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Are you ready to infuse new life into your home or office? Look no further than MCC Electric for all-encompassing Wiring and Structured Cabling Services in Chicago that will light up your property. From cost-effective rewiring solutions to cutting-edge installations, we've got you covered. Dive into the details below to explore how our expert electrical team in Chicago can electrify your space:

How Important Is It to Rewire a Home



Aging or faulty wiring can pose significant safety hazards, including electrical fires. Rewiring ensures your property is secure for you and your family.


New wiring enhances the reliability of your electrical system, reducing the risk of power outages or electrical failures.

Energy Efficiency

Up-to-date wiring can improve energy efficiency, potentially lowering your utility bills.

When Is There a Need to Rewire the Home?


The decision to rewire your home is a critical one, often influenced by various factors that can impact your safety, comfort, and the functionality of your electrical system. Consider rewiring your home and adding structured cabling under the following circumstances:

Aging Wiring: A Time-Tested Upgrade

If your property has outdated or deteriorating wiring, it's time for an upgrade.

Over time, electrical wiring can become brittle, corroded, or frayed, especially in older homes. This aging process can compromise the integrity of the wiring, leading to safety hazards. Rewiring your home provides the assurance that your electrical infrastructure is up-to-date and built to withstand modern electrical demands.

Frequent Electrical Issues: A Reliable Solution

Frequent electrical problems like tripped breakers, flickering lights, or outlets not working are signs that rewiring may be necessary.

If you find yourself frequently resetting tripped circuit breakers, experiencing lights that flicker mysteriously, or dealing with non-functional outlets, it's often indicative of underlying electrical issues. These problems not only cause inconvenience but also pose safety risks. Rewiring your home addresses these persistent issues, ensuring your electrical system operates smoothly without constant disruptions.

MCC Electric
overloaded circuits

Safety Concerns: Prioritizing Your Well-being in Chicago

If you suspect safety hazards like exposed wires or overheating outlets, rewiring can eliminate these risks.

Safety should always be a paramount concern when it comes to your electrical system. Exposed wires, overheating outlets, and outdated electrical components can all pose serious safety risks, including electrical fires and electrical shocks. Rewiring your home eliminates these hazards, providing a secure environment for you and your loved ones.

Renovations or Additions: Modernizing for Growth

When renovating or adding new rooms, rewiring may be required to accommodate increased electrical demands.

Home renovations and additions often involve the installation of new appliances, lighting fixtures, and electrical outlets. These additional electrical demands may surpass the capacity of your existing wiring. To ensure that your renovated or expanded spaces have a reliable and safe power supply, rewiring becomes a necessity. It allows you to seamlessly integrate modern electrical requirements into your home, ensuring a comfortable and functional living environment.

In summary, rewiring your home or adding structured cabling is not just an upgrade; it’s an investment in your safety, comfort, and the efficiency of your electrical system.

When it comes to ensuring smooth operations in your commercial space, investing in proper commercial wiring installation is essential. For residential properties, we also offer comprehensive residential wiring services, ensuring your home’s electrical system is safe and reliable.

Whether you’re addressing aging wiring, tackling persistent electrical issues, prioritizing safety, or embarking on home improvements, rewiring provides the foundation for a secure and future-proof electrical infrastructure.
Don’t hesitate to contact MCC Electric in Chicago, IL. when you’re ready to take this important step toward a safer and more reliable electrical system.

What's the Process of Rewiring?


Our rewiring process is systematic and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life:


We initiate a detailed assessment of your existing electrical system to determine the extent of the rewiring needed.


Our experts craft a tailored rewiring plan, taking into account your property's layout, your electrical requirements, and any safety considerations.


Prior to the commencement of rewiring, we take all necessary precautions, including shutting off power to ensure safety.


Our team adeptly removes the old wiring and installs new wiring, outlets, switches, and any additional electrical components according to the plan.


After rewiring, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure the electrical system meets safety standards and code compliance.


Prior to the commencement of rewiring, we take all necessary precautions, including shutting off power to ensure safety.

Cost for Rewiring Different Home Sizes


We understand that electrical requirements vary, especially across different-sized properties. Our pricing structure is designed with transparency in mind, offering rewiring solutions that fit the bill for various apartment sizes. Whether you own a snug studio or a spacious penthouse, our competitive and fair pricing is tailored to meet your specific needs.

What's Included in the Cost?

Our rewiring services come with a comprehensive package that ensures you get the most value out of your investment. The cost includes:

  • Materials: We employ top-quality wiring, outlets, switches, and other electrical components to guarantee long-lasting and dependable performance.
  • Labor: Our skilled technicians manage the entire rewiring process, from the removal of old wiring to the installation of new components. Labor costs are all-inclusive.
  • Inspections: We conduct thorough electrical inspections both before and after rewiring to guarantee the safety and functionality of your electrical system.
  • Cleanup: Once rewiring is complete, we leave your property in impeccable condition, removing any debris or remnants of the old wiring.

Why Choose MCC Electric


MCC Electric boasts a seasoned team of experts with years of industry experience. We possess the knowledge and skills to tackle any electrical project, ensuring your space is wired for success.


Your safety is our paramount concern. We adhere to the highest safety standards and conduct meticulous inspections to ensure your electrical systems are free from hazards.

Customized Solutions

We recognize that each customer is unique, and so are their electrical needs. We invest time in understanding your requirements and provide tailor-made solutions that align with your budget and objectives.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of the electrical industry, employing the latest advancements and energy-efficient solutions to make your property more eco-friendly and cost-effective.


You can rely on us for dependable service, quick response times, and 24/7 emergency assistance. We’re always here when you need us most.

Compliance and Certification

All our services adhere to local codes and regulations, and we provide safety certifications for your peace of mind.


We believe in open communication and transparency throughout every project. You’ll know what to expect from start to finish.

Customer-Centric Approach

At MCC Electric, your satisfaction is our success. We’re not just in the business of providing electrical services; we’re in the business of building lasting relationships with our clients.

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At MCC Electric, we offer a comprehensive range of cabling services, including data and communication cabling, structured cabling, and low-voltage cabling. Whether you need to improve your network infrastructure or set up a robust communication system, we have the expertise to handle it.
Structured cabling is a standardized approach to designing and installing cabling systems for data, voice, and video communications. It provides a flexible and future-proof solution, making it easier to manage and expand your network as your needs evolve.
Absolutely! Our experts can assess your requirements and design a tailored network solution, ensuring that your cabling infrastructure supports your connectivity needs effectively and efficiently.
We provide cabling services for a wide range of properties, including residential homes, commercial offices, industrial facilities, and more. No matter the size or type of building, we can enhance your cabling infrastructure.
Yes, we prioritize the use of high-quality, industry-standard cabling materials to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. We understand the importance of a dependable cabling system.
Rewiring may be necessary under various circumstances, including aging or deteriorating wiring, frequent electrical issues, safety concerns, and renovations or additions. Our experts can assess your specific situation to determine if rewiring is required.
We strive to minimize disruption during rewiring projects. While there may be some inconvenience, our systematic approach and skilled technicians aim to complete the work efficiently to get your electrical system up and running as soon as possible.
Yes, rewiring can improve energy efficiency by replacing outdated wiring and components with modern, energy-saving alternatives. This can result in reduced utility bills and a more eco-friendly electrical system.
In many cases, yes. Home renovations and additions often require rewiring to accommodate increased electrical demands and ensure safety and code compliance. We can seamlessly integrate modern electrical requirements into your project.
If you’re uncertain about the state of your electrical system, we recommend scheduling an assessment with our experts. We can inspect your wiring, outlets, and electrical components to determine if rewiring is necessary.