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We rely on electricity for almost everything. Turning on a light switch, flipping on the TV, charging the phone—the electricity courses through the wires in your home. From a tiny power outlet to a refrigerator storing food, we rely on electricity to provide us comfort, access, and keep our world moving. Electricity being such an important part of our lives, not just important; without it, we won’t be able to do anything—are you okay with giving such a responsibility to any electrical company?

At MCC Electrics, we provide Certified Residential Electrician in Chicago specialists providing quality electrical contracting services to homes and residential for over the years now. Our residential electric services are not just known for quality, but they are reliable, affordable, and efficient. Whether you are looking to fix one minor issue or full house wiring/upgrading, our team at MCC knows how to help you.

Our Residential Services Includes:

  • Minor braker issues in Chicago and surrounding areas
  • Wiring of the entire household u0026amp
  • Electrical SP (Service panel) replacement u0026amp
  • Electrical SP (Service panel) upgrading u0026amp
  • Installation of recessed lighting 
  • Specification of the lighting
  • Miscellaneous electrical services from 100-400 amps 
  • Maintenance of home theater wiring 
  • Complete setup and wiring of home theater
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services by certified HVAC technicians
  • Outdoor security setup u0026amp
  • Setup of supplemental wiring and circuits
  • Internal heating setup of bathtubs
  • Code violations and correction u0026amp
  • Whole house surge suppression u0026amp

Find an expert via MCC Electric:

Our services include several home electrical and commercial services. Whether you want to design a proper electrical module as per the wiring of your home; or installation of all the electrical wiring and large appliances. Having adequate maintenance through an electrical company helps in reducing extra expenditure. Also, we have certified HVAC technicians; trained in electrical health check-up. 

Not just the installation and maintenance, we can also advise you on how to reduce your power bill. Electrical planning, designing, installation, preventative maintenance, and repairs are not just for homes; you can get similar things installed in your industrial building as well. You can schedule a consultation service at any point in time; through our customer service number or online. 

Why MCC Electric?

MCC Electric has a team of highly qualified, experienced electricians and HVAC technicians who can assist with all your needs. Whether it is an electrical emergency or a consultation service, our team is ready to help you at any time of the day. When you hire an expert from MCC Electric, you get:

  • Delivery on time
  • Extremely skilled technicians
  • Appreciate work with top-notch customer service
  • Well-present and secure employees
  • Responsibility for material and supplies

Services provided by MCC in Chicago and surrounding areas are affordable and work within your given budget for providing residential electrical services. Our highly qualified team of technicians and electricians are available for any electrical work and survey without any high charges. We are a well-reputed organization and cater to any kind of electrical work—be it small or large.

Also, our experienced hands-on technicians can answer all your queries most simply. Moreover, we make sure that; all dangerous electrical components are removed from your home as they can be hazardous. If you are looking for an electrical company that can help reduce the risk of electric fires and shocks, give MCC Electric a call—773-840-0162.

At every step; at your doorstep?

We recognize that in today’s world and economic environment, things can be extremely difficult to manage. We want to provide services that add value to your home and organization. We are a team of qualified, affordable, and trustworthy electricians and technicians; who are available around the corner. You can contact us at any point in time; we will be at your service within one time. 

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