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Are whole house UPS systems effective?


UPS systems have remained a fantastic source to power your house when the electricity from the national grid goes off. You can put your lights and fans on just like you had power. Depending upon the battery capacity, you can even enjoy high-voltage requiring electric equipment at your home too.

This means that you can get the power when everyone around would not have it. Technically, yes. But is the whole house UPS Systems effective? We don’t think so. Why?

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Here are the main reasons:

Chances of power outage in the Chicago region are low:

Why would you be installing a whole-house UPS System when you have the power from the national grid? Valid question, isn’t it? Even in rare electrical emergencies, you might have the power to light up your house, but it won’t last long enough to help you get through the crisis.

High cost to maintain the system:

Although the overall cost for maintaining the UPS System isn’t much, you’ll have to pay for the batteries, the entire UPS system, and its regular maintenance. When analyzing it from the benefits point of view, you won’t get much return, so investing in an option that won’t be fruitful isn’t worthwhile.

However, if you want to consume the power in the evening hours to minimize your electricity rental, it could work. But still, you shouldn’t expect it to work the entire night.

The effort to maintain:

Changing batteries, switching to the right mode, and the upkeep of the whole house UPS system is the regular tasks requiring your effort. Comparing this effort with the benefits you can get in rare power out, installing the UPS wouldn’t be a rational decision. 

Summing up:

Installation of the battery-powered setup to mitigate the emergency power cut-offs isn’t a viable option to adopt. However, if you want to reduce your electricity cost, you should analyze the overall power consumption, expenditure on equipment, and installation to make the right decision. Your electrician in Chicago might help you with all these aspects. Contact them now!