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How can you avoid power point overloads?


If you have old sockets or are connecting many devices to a single outlet, power overloads are common.

However, such a situation can be annoying. It also leaves your appliances at great risk. So, to avoid such a situation, you should seek ways to limit the problems that arise as a result of powerpoint overloads.

Here are a few ways you can utilize it:

Do not connect multiple appliances to the same socket:

Yes, this point seems to be the most obvious one. But believe us, you can save your electrical equipment and yourself from long-term annoyance if you do so.

You can hire an electrician to install more sockets in your room, so you don’t have to put a lot of your plugs in the same socket and avoid the overload problem.

Do not use multiple products at the same time:

No matter how inclined you are to connect multiple appliances at the same time, do not go for it, especially if the devices you want to connect are high ampere drawers (just like the air compressors).

For example, if you are working in the kitchen, do not use a blender, toaster, and coffee maker alongside. Let one of the machines do its task and then go for the other ones as your wiring might not handle a high current flow, leading to powerpoint overloads.

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Introduce safety measures:

You should not keep the direct wiring system at your home or workplace. Usually, the electricians install circuit breakers & fuses to cut off the power when the circuit gets overloaded. The breaker trips and your appliances stop in most cases without causing any damage to the internal circuitry of the electronic equipment or the wiring.

Summing up:

The power point overload problem usually occurs because of the old wiring and worn-out sockets. So, if you want to avoid any possible problems while using your appliances, you must get an overload audit for your home. Otherwise, it is advisable not to plug in multiple devices at once. It can save you from the frustration of non-working appliances or other severe damages.

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