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Brookfield Zoo


Are you an animal lover? Then visiting this place will be a sure treat for you. Brookfield Zoo is full of different animal and bird species to enjoy your time and get valuable information, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. What sort of animals is available in this beautiful zoo of Chicago? Let’s find out:

Big Cats:

When we talk about big cats, there are various animal species that come under this category. Tigers, lions, leopards from different world locations are part of this zoo. You can enjoy their gigantic sizes, loud roars and see them enjoying their meat. For people who haven’t seen the lion and tiger family before, this would be a fantastic opportunity for them to enjoy a close look and company.

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Feathers and Scales:

You won’t only have animals at this amazing zoo. Birds like peacocks, quail, and roadrunner are amongst the ones you can enjoy at this place. Dancing peacocks will surely amaze you and will glue you to them for quite some time.

Hoofed Animals:

Addax, Bactrian camel, Zebra, and other such animals belonging to the hoofed family would also be waiting for you. So, all you have to do is visit the zoo and explore these animals and their daily routines to get the most fun.

Desert animals

Finding the desert animals generally isn’t an option. But at this zoo, you can see the majority of the desert animals live, along with complete details about their habitat. So, get ready to have loads of fun.

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Coast Animals:

One of the fantastic things about this Zoo is that it contains several animals, including the Coast ones. So, you should expect seagulls and penguins to be part of your learning journey too.

Summing Up:

Brookfield Zoo contains animals from different terrains and habitats to be a part of this place. You can expect to see your favorite animal irrespective of the habitat it is from.

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