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Chicago Architecture Center


Do you like architecture? Is your interest in the buildings and how the architects design them? Then you’ll definitely like the Chicago Architecture Center. With 4000 building models and interactive architectural elements, you can spend your entire day at this place and have a lot of fun.

What exactly can you enjoy at the Chicago Architecture Center?

Here is a list of activities you can avail yourself of during your visit to the Chicago Architecture Center:

Skyscraper Models:

This architecture Center houses the skyscraper gallery that you can look at and remain in awe of for a long time. With different supermodels available for famous buildings, you can analyze the heights and compare them for the style and architectural value that these buildings bring in.

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Architectural Gallery:

In this gallery, you can find the structural analysis and different factors about the structure of the famous buildings on every wall. For lovers of fun facts, this place is going to be heaven.

Have a look at the future:

The Chicago Architecture Center houses the buildings that exist in the world now, along with the architecture of the future. You can look at the potential existence of the buildings and different cities in the year 2050. This could be a fantastic and informative journey for the kids and people who like to know about the cities.

Know about the architect:

Along with the buildings, you can know about the architects too. The famous architects who have designed the unique structures are also highlighted in this gallery. Therefore, you can get inspiration and see the technical aspects of their design in detail.

Summing up:

Chicago Architecture Center is the best recreational place for lovers of building and architecture. People with lesser interest can also get to know new facts, making the entire experience enjoyable.

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