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Chicago Board of Trade Building


Another skyscraper in Chicago waiting for you is the Chicago Board of Trade Building. It is a 44-story building actively used as part of trading activities.

To know about its major features and facilities, read this article and grab all the information you need.

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Features of Board of Trade Building:

Below are the main features for which the Chicago Board of Trade Building is known:

The tallest building in Chicago:

Many new high-rise buildings have been structured in Chicago since then, but this building once enjoyed the title of the tallest building in Chicago. It must have been one of the sightseeing locations back then.

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Art Deco Architecture:

The building was specifically designed based on art deco architecture. It makes use of carvings and sculptures. A large number of visitors to this building are usually because of the architectural beauty.

Beautiful backdrop:

No matter if this is the tallest building in Chicago, it can still be a good backdrop for the pictures. You can click as many photos as you want and upload them on your different social media accounts to grab followers’ and friends’ engagement.

Trading Floor:

The activities conducted on the trading floor once the building was fully active were worth seeing. Trades brought their products to this floor for sales purposes. Imagine the tradition through this means seems to be an extraordinary procedure, especially considering the technological advancements we have made today.

Constructed in phases:

The entire building was not constructed in one go; instead, there were a few expansion drives conducted later, considering the need of the time. With these expansions, the Chicago Board of Trade Building rose to the height we now witness.

Won Multiple Awards:

Being the tallest building of the time, you cannot expect to go without any awards and honors from different organizations. It received the best structure award in 1985. It was a 23-story building at that time.

Moreover, in 2006, Landmarks Illinois’ annual Real Estate and Building Industries Council award for the preserving efforts of the building. In the same year, the building also got The Office Building of the Year award.

Summing up:

Chicago Board of Trade Building might not be a place to visit if you aren’t interested in history. Apart from its structure, it does not have much to enjoy from a tourist’s perspective. But if you want to explore the culture, history and other such aspects, you might visit it.

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