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Why do Christmas Lights Bulb Keep Blowing?


Christmas is an occasion that everyone wants to celebrate. Usually, people put up Christmas lights and other such stuff at their homes and Christmas trees to get the right festivity tone set up.

While you are ready with your Christmas tree and lights to celebrate the upcoming event, you might notice that your fuse keeps blowing. If that is the case, it must raise the concern that things are not perfect, and you should look into the matter.

You should definitely check, but there is nothing to panic about. This problem is common, and you can associate a few reasons with it. Let’s look at these reasons in this article.

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You are using multiple strands of light:

To cover up the area, we usually attach multiple light strands together; such a setting can surely provide you with a higher degree of convenience and better outlook, but it can put more strain on a single power source.

With the higher strain on a single power outlet, your circuit could be tripping, or in extreme cases, it might blow out.

Even if you haven’t attached multiple strains, you might have attached lights with different ampere requirements. Such lighting can cause a power surge, making your breakers trip.

Using the right lights for the right location:

Some Christmas lights are typically designed for indoor use. It is because they might get short easily in outdoor conditions.

So, if you have mixed the lighting, it is highly likely to get short or create problems in the connection. So, you must be vigilant and not get into such confusion.

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Christmas lights are damaged:

If you have used the same Christmas lights that have been in store for years, there is a significant chance that the circuit might have absorbed moisture, or the wiring might have broken down. In such a situation, even if your lights start glowing once, you might still face the circuit tripping issue or flickering of the light bulbs.

So, it can prove to be a crucial aspect you must not let go unnoticed if you have problems with Christmas lights.

To avoid storage damage to your Christmas lights, ensure a proper procedure to make them more secure. Here are the steps that usually work:

  1. You should not wrap the Christmas lights tightly as it can result in the breaking of the circuit.
  2. Store the lights in a bag with a seal that can withhold moisture
  3. Once you take them out, check each strand separately by plugging it into the socket
  4. Set a limit for the number of the light strand you’ll fit together
  5. Connect to the nearest electrical outlet or source, do not extend the wire beyond its capacity

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Summing up:

The above reasons are the most prominent ones causing your Christmas light circuit breaker to fuse or blow out. You can ensure that such an issue doesn’t exist by planning things according to the suggestions above.

So, enjoy and make all your plans turn into reality without further ado. Or you can get help from a professional electrician in this regard.