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What are some common myths about electricity?


Like any other phenomenon, myths about electricity are prevalent. But one of the things different here is that believing in the myths regarding electricity could be deadly. You won’t even have time to rethink if you consider the fables real.

Here in this article, we’ll cover some of the myths and the reality behind them so you can unveil the truth.

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Common Myths regarding electricity:

We have no idea how these myths actually began. But these are some of the common ones that people discuss with each other.

Main power lines are insulated:

This myth probably got its origin from the birds sitting on the wires. You must have seen the working main power lines; the first thought we get is that either these lines are non-functional, wires are insulated, or the birds have some supernatural power, right?

Neither of these assumptions is true, especially regarding the insulation of power lines. These lines are never insulated. So never touch them. As far as the birds are concerned, they don’t touch the ground, so the path isn’t completed, and as a result, they do not get electrocuted.

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The fallen wire will have no electricity:

Many of us might think that a downed wire will have caused the circuit to switch off automatically. But that isn’t the case. You can expect the current to flow even if the wire is down.

So to maintain our safety stay a few feet away from such a wire and call the relevant department immediately to take the necessary measures.

Wood is not a conductor of electricity:

It is a myth, and you must be very careful while opting for any remedies or precautions dealing with electricity. Wood is just a poor conductor of electricity, but it still can conduct.

But if the wood is wet, it makes it a good conductor, and you must not treat it as a safe object when dealing with electricity or any person that has been electrocuted.

Electricity takes the path with the least resistance:

Another myth in the electrical circles is that electricity takes the path with the least resistance. It isn’t true. Instead, electricity takes the direction because of its conductivity. It has nothing to do with the circuitry resistance.

So if you are designing a circuit, you must keep it under consideration.

Electricity enters the ground and does not exist anymore:

One of the other myths related to electricity is that it gets to the ground and becomes non-existent afterward. The electricity does get to the earth, but it uses the circuit loop to get back to the grounded power source. It does not disappear in thin air.

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You are saving energy when not switching off the lights:

It is common to consider that you are saving energy if you are not switching off the lights one minute and then switching them on the other minute.

It is because of the startup penalty concept according to individuals. However, this is not true, and there is no such concept.

It also means that you can switch off the lights without worrying about the waste of energy or resources.

Rubber gloves and shoes can work as insulators:

Well, it is a half-myth and half-truth. Rubber gloves and shoes can be good insulators. But the condition is that the gloves or shoes must be made of competing rubber, no other materials included.

In case there are some other materials part of the gloves or shoes (which is highly likely to be the case when you have bought a cheap product), you should expect your gloves and shoes to let pass the electricity, and it can be dangerous for you.

Summing up:

These are just a few myths that we hear around us. We have shared them so you don’t fall into the trap and do things that can be dangerous for you. We are surely debunking these electricity myths would have helped, and you would be feeling a lot safer.

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