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Crown Fountain


One of the recent and definitely the most adorable additions in the public art domain is the Crown Fountain. Jaume Plensa is the architect behind the creation of this publically renowned art collection.

It is an exciting place to spend your time at. Here are the specific things that the Crown Fountain offers you:

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50-foot glass towers:

Glass brick towers that are 50 feet long are placed at each end of the fountain, giving the gigantic view. These towers have video images streamed all the time. These images are of Chicago citizens designed with open mouths to allow water out of them. How are these residents of Chicago found? It is done through a cross-section of 1000 citizens, which stays there all year.

This design has a special reference to mythological characters. Water being the symbol of life has a special meaning in mythical settings as well.

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Timing of the working of Crown fountain:

You won’t find this fountain work every time. It functions in the mid-fall and mid-spring. So, if you are visiting Chicago at any other time of the year, you might not be able to enjoy this fascinating work of art.

Presence of the shallow reflecting pool:

Another feature that makes this fountain even more fantastic is the reflecting pool in between both these towers. The reflection and properties of the pool are so strong that you can actually stare on the floor for minutes without getting bored. Besides, the reflection of the water from the towers makes it even more fun.

Summing up:

Crown Fountain is a non-traditional place to enjoy in Chicago. Kids will be excited to see the gigantic pictures and the water coming out from their mouths. Besides, the reflective surface of the pool will grab their attention too. But plan your trip, keeping the opening timings of the Crown Fountain in view.

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