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DuSable Bridge


Getting bored in Chicago and looking for some more places to visit and enjoy your time? Dusable Bridge can provide you with this wonderful opportunity to watch the Chicago River’s water from its main stem.

Michigan and Wabash are the main areas to get across with this bridge. The idea of this bridge was proposed in the 20th century to connect the north and south side of the parks.

Want to know more about this amazing DuSable Bridge? Here are the details in this article:

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Construction of the bridge:

In 1918, the DuSable Bridge construction started, completed in 1920 and opened for traffic.

However, the decorative work on the bridge continued for eight more years, and what we see today was finalized in 1928.

Sculptures highlighting the history of Chicago were added to the outward-facing walls of the bridge houses.

Maintenance work on the bridge had been done after regular intervals, but it did not include much decoration or other activities for aesthetic purposes.

Two-levelled bridge:

This bridge allows pedestrians and vehicles to pass over it at two levels, which makes its entire structure and design more beautiful.

It was designed by the Chicago Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering. When it was constructed, it was the first and only double-deck bridge. The upper road was used by non-commercial vehicles with fast-moving capacity, while the lower road was used by commercial vehicles with slower movement.

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Allows passing of the big ships:

The bridge isn’t a hurdle for the big ships because it can be raised from the center to let them pass through. Once the ship passes, it is back to normal and available to regular traffic and pedestrians.

There are tailpits present on both sides of the bridge for opening it. These tailpits have nine cylindrical foundation piers for support.

Initially, the bridge allowed ships movement by opening 3000 times yearly. But after the 1970s, it was scheduled to open in spring and fall to allow ships to pass.

Named after Chicago’s first permanent resident:

Most people do not know that DuSable Bridge is named after the first permanent resident of Chicago. His complete name was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. He was the non-indigenous settler, also known as the Founder of Chicago.

Summing up:

Doesn’t this bridge sound like a marvelous place that can tell a lot about history? You must visit and see how good it actually is.

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