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Can electrical wiring be water damaged?


Yes, they can erode when the wires are exposed to water, or excessive humidity or moisture. The corrosion of wires can be responsible for insulation and other terminal failures. All of it could lead to excessive safety risks. So, getting help from an electrician to analyze your wires is always advisable if you risk them being damaged because of water.

This article will highlight the reasons and the signs to help you identify the damaged electrical wires.

Reasons for Wires getting water damaged

You might not consider the electrical wires to be water damaged mostly; there are specific reasons for the wires to undergo such a situation. Here we list a few reasons your wires might get damaged from water.

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Direct exposure to water

Kitchen and bathroom outlets and wires are more likely to be faced with such a situation where you can accidentally make the wires expose the wires to water resulting in damage. The presence of electrical outlets close to water taps and other vulnerable areas can be the reason.

Also, in the outdoors, the electrical sockets and outlets put on the walls without the cover could be a reason for the exposure of wires to the water.

Flood situation

In flood and storm, your wires and electrical outlets are automatically prone to excessive water. Even if the beakers are off and the electricity is cut off, you cannot expect the wiring to remain intact. So, such a situation can damage the wires.

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How to know your wires are water damaged?

Here are a few signs to tell you that your wires have undergone water damage:

  • The circuit breaker might start tripping excessively
  • A buzzing sound is prominent from the wires and other light fixtures
  • Water getting out of the outlet
  • If the water pipe has busted and you are unsure if it has created problems with the wiring.
  • If a flood hits your area

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Summing up

In any situation where you might risk the damage of the electrical wires through water, you must let a professional electrician analyze all the wiring and ensure there are no risks involved.