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Field Museum


Field Museum is one of the oldest and one of most visited museums in the United States. Even if you aren’t interested in museums and artifacts, this museum will grab your attention because of the basic theme it reflects. What is it? The creation of Earth and the phenomenon responsible for the existence of life on Earth is the prominent theme of this museum.

The best thing about this museum is that it isn’t history only; it also contains sections where you can find the measures that make the Earth a better place to live. So, are you excited to visit this wonderful place? Let’s share a few attractions in the Field Museum that might attract you.

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Few things to enjoy in the Field Museum:

Below are the main things to enjoy:

Home to 40 million Artifacts:

Do you know that Field Museum is home to 40 million artifacts? That’s a lot of it, isn’t it? If you want to look at each of these 40 million artifacts, we recommend you keep your visits short but stretched to a few weekends. On each of your visits, only limit your round to a particular section, so you can understand everything in detail. But this will only be a good suggestion for museum lovers; others might get bored too easily by visiting the same place over and over again.

Find different species living on Earth over time:

It is not only the dinosaurs that have gone extinct. There are multiple other species that you might have no idea about. So, you can explore the museum and find how many species had been there that we aren’t sure about.

Food and Drinking:

You might not find a lavish restaurant for dining within the museum premises, but there is plenty of opportunities to have snacks and drinks in the museum. So, you can keep yourself filled up when touring the entire museum. Special sitting and dining areas are available to make things easier for you.

Shopping opportunity:

You don’t have to go home alone, you can take one or more of the souvenirs from our gift shops home. We are sure your kids will love a miniature dinosaur or other such items with them. So, don’t forget to visit the shop before concluding your trip.

Summing Up:

Field Museum can be a lovely place to have fun with your friends and family. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity, especially if you are living or visiting Chicago.

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