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How can you Check for Bad Wiring in your Home?


Bad wiring is the last thing you would like in your home. It isn’t only dangerous for the electrical equipment and appliances. But also a cause of safety hazard for you and your family.

But how you can check for bad wiring in your home or precisely when is the right time for the repair work. In this article, we cover a few essential signs that should warn you well before the time of faulty wiring.

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Signs you should check for bad wiring:

Here are the common electrical problems you would face if your house has bad wiring. Let’s see what they are:

Tripped circuit breakers:

Occasional tripping of the circuit breakers is normal. But if your breakers start tripping often, you could have problems in the wiring that would cause the circuits to overload and thus trip as a result.

In such a situation, a survey from a professional electrician can help you identify the specific issue.

Crackling sounds:

Crackling sounds of electricity aren’t usually normal. It can be because of the faulty wires that could lead to serious problems. You must get help from an electrician if you face such an issue.

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Flickering lights:

If you aren’t using dimmers, flickering lights must raise concerns for you, as they can be because of overloaded circuits, bad wiring, or the fault in the electrical equipment. You can change the bulbs to rule out the faulty equipment issue. Still, if it does not work, you must go for professional help.

Warm spots or smoke out of outlets:

If you feel the warmth on the outlet, you must be concerned about the health of your electrical wires. The problem gets to the next level if you see smoke out of these circuits. If such a situation exists, you must not waste more time and call an electrician immediately.

Burning smell:

At this stage, you must not wait to call an electrician. The burning smell indicates a sure shot problem in the wires. Till the time the electrician reaches your place, avoid using any electrical outlet or switch as it can be dangerous.

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Summing up:

These signs are the indicators of bad wiring. However, the extent of emergency each of these signs impose is different. If you see smoke, smell a burning wire, or feel an excessively hot outlet, avoid using any electrical equipment and call professional electrician immediately. After all, it is a matter of your safety.