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How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?


Electric fireplaces are becoming prominent in new homes because of the functional benefits and ease that these fireplaces come with as compared to traditional wood ones.

But if you are skeptical about getting one for your place because you aren’t sure how they actually work, this article can help you understand the mechanism in complete detail.

How Does An Electric Fireplace Work?

Like traditional fireplaces, you don’t need a specialized venting mechanism for electric fireplaces as they don’t produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide in the room.

The electric fireplaces get the cold air, warm it through the internal coil, and push the warm air in the room through a fan.

Some advanced fireplaces also come with infrared technology. These fireplaces heat the objects in the room directly, bringing a warm touch in the cold weather.

Does that mean you’ll be missing the flames? No! All electric fireplaces have a flame effect, which can be controlled. However, this flame is without the heating impact; thus, it is safe.

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Do electric fireplaces serve the purpose?

If you are wondering why the impact of electric fireplaces might not be the same as that of traditional fireplaces, then you are mistaken.

These fireplaces are designed specifically to cover a specific room size. So, when buying electric fireplaces, it is important to see the instructions provided by the manufacturer about the dimensions and other metrics.

Advantages of Electrical Fireplaces

Below are the main advantages of electric fireplaces:

Installation is easy

There is nothing to worry about regarding the ventilation or daily wood hunting to get these electric fireplaces to work. They just need a 120 V current, and they can start functioning.

Safe for usage

It doesn’t emit gases or fumes, which can harm human health. Similarly, the flames aren’t hot, so you can easily use such fireplaces near kids and pets. However, the entire setup would be extremely hot, and you must not leave the kids or pets unattended.

No mess

You don’t have to clean the wood remains and ashes from the chimney or your main fireplace. You’ll get the warmth without any remains.


Buying wood wouldn’t be a cost anymore. With lesser electricity consumption and low tariff, it won’t cost you much, thus making it a better option than traditional fireplaces.

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Electric Fireplace Heater Safety Tips

How do electric firepalces work infographic

Here are a few electric fireplace safety tips that you must consider when opting for such a fireplace:

Keep it distant from the other stuff:

Some of the commonly used stuff in winter include blankets and cushions. Similarly, toys, furniture and gadgets are commonly placed near the fireplace. But that can be risky. You must not keep things 3-5 feet within the range of the electric fireplace. It also means you cannot place anything over the electrical heater.

Do not touch the surface

The electric fireplace can hot everything that is quite close to it. So, you must be careful of it. Besides, touching the fireplace directly, even when a few minutes have passed after you have turned it off, can be equally dangerous because the cooling process will take time, and you can burn your skin severely by touching it directly.

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Always keep your pets and children at a distance

You must never leave the pets or children unattended near the electric fireplace. It can be extremely dangerous for them.

Electric fireplaces are designed to be used inside

The electric fireplaces are specifically designed to be used indoors, so never risk using them outdoors.

Unplug the fireplace when not in use:

You must provide an electrical connection for the fireplace to work properly. Keep it unplugged when it is not in use. Moreover, ensure the outlet used for plugging in the electric fireplace is high-quality and there is no damage in the outlet of any kind.

Installing an electric fireplace:

Installing an electric fireplace is often not a DIY task, and you’ll need help from a professional electrician to put it to work. If you need such help, you can always rely on professionals from Chicago Electricians.

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