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How to convert a Light Switch to an Outlet? (Complete Guide)


Is there an extra light switch in your room? But you have been longing for an outlet to let you charge your phone just by your bedside?

Well, this isn’t as difficult as you might consider it to be.

You don’t have to wait for some other electrical errand to pop up to call an electrician and convert this light switch to an outlet. You can do it yourself, and probably today.

What you’ll need?

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire strippers
  • Voltage tester
  • Outlet box
  • Electrical wire (12-gauge)
  • Wire connectors
  • Outlet cover plate

Steps to Follow

Let’s look at the different steps of getting it done.

Step 1: Switch the Power Off

Everyone who understands electricity a little knows that electricity is always flowing in wires and outlets. So, before you start managing any of the outlets or fixtures, you need to switch the power off.

You can do so by switching off the relevant breaker. Once you switch the breaker off, you should test the wires for any live wires.

You can put one end of the tester on the black wire and the other end on the green ground screw. If the meter shows any reading, the wire is still live, and you have to find the right breaker impacting the switch.

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Step 2: Remove the Light Switch

Use a screwdriver to remove the light switch held to its place by screws. Be careful when putting the switch out of the electrical box.

Step 3: Test and Remove the Black wire:

Use the tester to test if the wires are live or not. Make sure to touch the tester to each wire. If the meter shows any reading, electricity still flows in the wire. In such a situation, recheck the breaker and ensure you have switched off the right one.

Now remove the black wire from the switch and put the wire cap into the dead-end before putting the wire back into the box.

With this step, you have kept extra wires aside, so there is no chance of accidental touch.

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Step 4: Remove the neutral and ground wire cap:

The side wires associated with the Live Wire must be addressed here. Untwist the wires and isolate them from the live wire. Once you perform this procedure successfully, you’ll have three sets of wire: white grounded wire, Live Black wire, and green ground wire.

Step 5: Connect wires to outlet terminals:

Now you have all the wires ready. You can connect them to the new outlet. Connect black wire over the brass terminals of the new outlet. The white ground wire must go over the green ground screw. Place the cover plate over the box while keeping all the wires inside.

Step 6: Install the Outlet and attach the cover plate

Secure the outlet to the outlet box using screws. Install an outlet cover plate over the outlet and secure it with screws.

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Step 7: Turn on the circuit:

When the wires are connected, turn on the breaker and check the new outlet. It should be working properly, just like a regular outlet.

Summing up:

Congratulations! You have converted your light switch to an outlet, which you can use for multiple purposes.

Now you no longer have to put your different gadgets on charging one by one because you can convert as many switches to outlets as you like. You now know the complete procedure, right? But if you need help. You can always contact professional electricians at MCC Electric.