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How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light?


Is your motion sensor light not working? It is either stuck in the off or on position and no longer responds to your movement.

Motion sensor lights are an ideal way to light up the garage, backyard, or pathway around your property. They are considered as an option for security lights as they light up during the movement and can protect your home by spotting burglars and intruders.

The motion sensor lights automatically turn on where there is an activity and turn off when there is no motion. What if the motion sensor light is not lighting up when there is a movement?

It is possible because of light fluctuations. A minor change in the power that you might not even have detected could have created a problem with your sensor lights.

You might be thinking of replacing them altogether with the help of electricians, but there are chances that you won’t have to replace the light; resetting might work here.

So, you must know the resetting procedure to resolve this issue. If you aren’t aware, then don’t worry. We can guide you step by step and save you money for installing the new sensor lights.

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Why is the motion sensor light not working?

But before fixing it, we should troubleshoot to find the actual cause.

Problems in settings:

There can be a problem with the setting of your motion sensor light. Some manufacturers keep it in the off mode by default. In such situations, you should adjust the settings according to your requirements, and your light will work normally.

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Sensitivity Problems:

The other problem hindering light functioning is the sensitive issues. These lights are designed to detect even the slightest of movements, so the deposition of dust on the sensors, strong winds, and any other issue that could impact the sensitivity of the light could be the cause of the problem.

If you have checked these issues and none of them have solved your problem, then you should proceed with the steps below.

How to rest the motion sensor light?

Below is the procedure to reset the motion sensors:

Reset it through the power source method:

There must be some power source to which your lights are attached. Unplug the power source, leave it as such for 10 seconds, and re-plug it.

It resets the light, and the light must work now!

Reset it through the circuit breaker:

Another method to adopt here is to reset the circuit breaker. You must move to the breaker box. Switch off the relevant circuit. Wait for at least 60 seconds before turning the breaker on.

The problem with your sensor lights must be fixed.

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Why reset the motion sensor light?

Other than the breakdown, there are other reasons to reset the motion sensor light.

False Alarm: The motion sensor lights are extremely sensitive, and at times, it causes the light to turn on, even when there is no need.

Power outage: A power surge or a power outage can disrupt the motion sensor settings.

To change the settings: If you want to adjust the sensitivity or other settings, you can reset the motion sensor light.

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Summing up:

The solutions mentioned above help fix the problem with the sensor light in most cases, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need help from an electrician to look at the wiring or other potential problems.

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