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How To Store Electrical Bulbs?


If you have availed a deal on the electrical bulbs and have bought a lot more than you need at the moment, then you would be rightly worried about how to store the rest.

Electrical bulbs are fragile items, as you cannot place them with your general grocery, as a slight movement can spoil all your savings. Not to forget that a broken electrical bulb can be harmful as well.

So, you must utilize some proper storage methods to protect your extra electrical bulbs, you, and your family.

If you can’t think of any storage ideas, then we can help you with some amazing ones that can surely help you.

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Methods to store your electrical bulbs:

Below are the different methods to store your electrical bulbs:

Clear Plastic Bins:

Clear plastic pins or organization boxes found at home improvement stores are a perfect way to save your electrical bulbs from movement.

If you don’t have the plastic bin already at your place and are thinking of buying a new one, make sure to have a good estimate of the bulb size. You won’t like your storage bin to be a bit small or excessively large. In both cases, it won’t serve the purpose for which you need it.

Egg cartons:

This technique might not work in every condition, but if you want to store small bulbs, then old egg cartons can be your saviors. You can place the tiny bulbs inside and keep the egg carton in a safe place. You’ll probably find the bulbs easily and in the right condition for future use.

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Bubble wrap:

Bubble wraps provide a secure way to keep glass objects, including bulbs. You can wrap individual bulbs in bubble wrap and secure them anywhere. There is a higher chance that you’ll find them in one piece without any damage.

Newspaper or tissue paper:

If you cannot find anything else to use for storing your electrical bulbs, you can go for newspaper and tissue paper. But don’t rely on them too much. They might protect your bulbs from scratches and dust, but any medium blow to these bulks will shatter them into pieces. So, be mindful of this fact and consider this method as a short-term solution only.

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Summing up:

Storing electrical bulbs is definitely a task. So, is the replacement of the old bulbs with the new ones? Although the process is simple, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself or there are many bulbs to be changed, you can always get help from a professional electrician.