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How using the Right Light Bulbs Save Energy?


The rising electricity costs are a problem for everyone. No matter how much you save electricity by switching off bulbs, the overall monthly bill is approximately the same.

If you have such concerns, reducing consumption by switching off lights isn’t the solution. And you have to look for more creative solutions.

One of the best solutions here is to use the right light bulbs in-home. It can reflect in the monthly saving as well. But what do we mean by right, and how can you get them? We’ll answer both of these questions in this article.

Choosing the right light bulbs:

The energy-efficient light bulb reflects the right choice, as it can reduce electricity consumption, and it is reflected in your electricity bills.

Such bulbs are made with advanced technology and are specially tested for electricity consumption. EnergyStar certification is one of the best ones to rely on. You’ll find the EnergyStar accredited symbol on every bulb type with energy-efficient features, so you can look for it specifically when buying.

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The best energy bulbs – based on types:

As general shoppers, we know about the different bulb types available in the market. Each of them claims to be the best; not every bulb can give you the cost-cutting benefits in your energy bill.

According to US Energy Department, the following bulb types need lesser energy to enlighten.

  • Halogen Incandescent
  • CFLs
  • LEDs

Traditional bulbs had a large filament for providing the right amount of light. In this process, they take in more energy, and thus your energy bills are on the rise.

This isn’t the case in all the above-mentioned types. They are made with different technology, capable of consuming lesser energy and higher outputs. Thus, you can lower your electricity bills easily.

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