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What is IC Rating for Lighting?


We all have lighting at home. The major factor that plays a role in the selection of lighting is the amount of light a fixture emits, its energy consumption, and its aesthetic appeal. Most of us do not pay any attention to the electrical safety of the lights; we probably believe that the lighting fixtures available in the market must comply with electrical standards.

Well, they should. But one of the recent aspects that are not mandatory to comply with by all lighting fixtures is the IC rating.

So, you must look for the IC rating when buying your home’s receding or downlights.

This article will discuss the need for the IC rating and how it helps us keep our homes safe.

What is IC rating?

IC rating is an acronym for Insulated Contact. This is a certification to the lighting fixture that they are safe to come in contact with the insulation. The insulation is a highly flammable specialized layer in the roof to keep your place warm in winter and cool in summer by keeping the heat out.

Such a certification makes the lights more energy efficient and safe for usage with the insulation installed.

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Why is light without an IC rating dangerous?

The downlight, especially the halogen ones, can reach a temperature as high as 300-degree centigrade once switched on. If such a high temperature comes in contact with the highly flammable insulation, it is highly likely to spark and cause a fire.

So, the IC rating is essential to avoid such a chance. With IC-rated downlights, the chance of short-circuiting or fire initiation is minimized.

How can you find if the downlight is IC Rated?

You’ll find the certificate highlighting the IC rating of the light. So, make sure you pay attention to the certificate before the purchase.

What are the other benefits to expect from IC-rated downlights?

The IC Rated down lights can provide other benefits as well, which include:

  • Simpler installation (as in can be in contact with roof insulation without a problem)
  • The unbroken ceiling during installation (lower energy loss)
  • Reduced cost of an electrician (easy installation and lesser chances of electrical emergencies)

Summing Up:

The IC-rated lighting can provide you with cost benefits in terms of energy efficiency and improved light and is also essential for maintaining your home or building security. It is better to check the rating of the lighting before you make your next purchase.

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