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Jane Addams Hull-House Museum


Jane Addams Hull-House Museum enjoyed a historical standing when considering the development of women and the protection of rights in Chicago. It was established in 1889 by Addams and Starr.

What is the role of this place, and how did it help in women’s development? Let’s discuss it in this article.

Start of the women’s Movement:

In the nineteenth century, the women’s movement for attaining equal rights started. At that time, the stereotyping of social roles was prominent – women were not allowed to work for a living. Their only job was to stay at home and raise kids.

Education and other social activities were not prominent either. So, in such a situation, this museum provided a room for the women to enjoy all these activities.

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Expanded to 13 buildings:

Later, the building was expanded into 13 different structures. So, now what was available as the museum, according to the last reports, consisted of all the 13 building structures. One of these buildings even became a university.

The museum’s expansion helped the women and social activists of that time; it was a prominent place in the era.

Haunted image:

Over time, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum has established its position as a haunted house. It has been part of multiple haunted trips that are arranged in Chicago.

The reputation of this museum was because of the death of Hull’s wife in 1860. It was speculated that her ghost is seen and haunts people. It is not only her ghost; instead, the ghost of all other people who died in this building.


There is another important activity that people enjoyed in this museum. It was realized back then that theatre plays are essential as part of entertainment and to present opinions. This theater was established in 1899. The neighborhoods used to perform in the local languages, providing a great source of entertainment.


If you have found this place amazing and have been looking forward to visiting it, then, unfortunately, we’ll have to share that the museum has been closed due to financial strain. In 2000, Chicago’s Human Relations Commission took over this museum, which later declared bankruptcy. The Employee Union claims that the severance pay and other benefits were not given to the employees. But that wasn’t given much importance, and the museum was closed.

So, you cannot visit this museum anymore.

Summing up:

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum was a fantastic historic place, but unfortunately, you cannot visit it anymore.

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