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Jay Pritzker Pavilion


One of the historic buildings to enjoy in the Chicago area is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It lies at the heart of Millennium Park, providing you a great opportunity to see the architecture and get inspired. Apart from the architecture of the building, there are multiple other attractions that you would be amazed to see at this place in Chicago.

Things to do in Jay Pritzker Pavilion:

Below are the main things you can enjoy in Jay Pritzker Pavilion:

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Enjoy the outdoor classical music series:

If you are a fan of classical music, then enjoying the live sessions would be a dream comes true for you. You’ll not find any other area other than the Jay Pritzker Pavilion where you can have this fun. Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus is the main theme you can enjoy here.

Besides, there is a special music festival by the name of Grant Park Music Festival. In this festival, classical music is the main theme, along with multiple performances to have fun.

Outdoor art venue:

There is a separate art venue for the audience to enjoy multiple performances. With a pavilion of 11,000, you can enjoy the events in the outdoor settings. Similarly, there are indoor event venues as well. To select a particular performance to enjoy, you can visit the website and look for the exact timings of your favorite show.

Legal issues:

One of the interesting facts about the buildings is there is a legal restriction of the building height in this area. However, Jay Pritzker Pavilion still exists even with the restriction in place. How? It has been categorized as an artwork rather than a building.

Summing up:

Plan a trip to this building and enjoy some great music and artwork. We are sure you won’t regret spending a day here.

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