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Lincoln Park Zoo


Kids are always excited about visiting a zoon, let alone the fourth oldest zoo in North America; this could be their dream come true. So, if you live in Chicago or are here with your family for a trip, don’t miss out on the Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago.

What does Lincoln Zoo have in it?

It is a fun place with several activities to enjoy. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

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Exhibits 200 species:

Lincoln Zoo Exhibits around 200 species with approximately 1100 animals for the children. These species include monkeys, reptiles, flora, and fauna. So, it has something for everyone. Besides, all these species are cared for to keep them in the best shape.

Multiple Events:

Apart from watching animals and plants, there is a variety of events that you can enjoy. A “list of events” is always available on the zoo’s website so you can have a look at the upcoming events and visit accordingly. If you are wondering what sort of events you can expect in a zoo. Here are a few examples of these events: Virtual Run for the Zoo, Virtual Animal Experiences, Trash Cocktails for Conservation, and many others.

Conservation and Science:

Lincoln Zoo has its unique focus on the conservation of animals, the environment, and science. So, events based on these concepts are often arranged in the zoo. They raise awareness and can help the cause in the best possible way.

Zoo Camps:

You can even be part of the summer camps specially held at the Lincoln Zoo to let the kids explore the fun activities and wildlife. They can have a better overview of the daily activities of the animals living in the zoo. With this activity, you cannot only give your kids an opportunity to have fun but offer a chance to learn new things, which might not be possible otherwise.

Enjoy the Farm in the zoo:

There is also a farm in the zoo, which highlights the calm and poise that children can enjoy on an actual farm. With different domestic animals to be part of this exercise, you can expect your kids to have a lot of fun when in this area. This concept has been given by John Deere initially to make the children aware of life on a farm.

Summing up:

Lincoln Park Zoo is a fun place to visit, especially with your kids. So, plan your next weekend accordingly and do visit this wonderful place.

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