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For all your new electrical installations and the repair of the older ones, you can rely on MCC Electric, the electricians in Chicago. We aim to help everyone in the Lincolnwood area with the best and most timely service delivery.

We realize that power issues can be annoying; you cannot wait for long periods while waiting for an expert to bail you out of the situation. This is why we ensure the provision of an expert on an ASAP basis.

One of the other features of our service that we can guarantee is professional service delivery. While hiring us, you wouldn’t have to worry about any mishaps because of the non-experienced resource that we have sent to your address. All our staff members are licensed electricians with multiple years of experience in the field.

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Minor or Major electric work:

We can help you with the minor & major electrical work, depending upon your requirements. Our professionals are well aware to solve all your problems. You can get to us for any of your electrical problems, and we’ll ensure to help you in the best way we can.

Services Offered by MCC Electric:

Below are the main services offered by MCC Electric:

Residential Wiring and Installations:

Elevate your Lincolnwood home with MCC Electric’s residential wiring expertise. From lighting upgrades to modernized electrical panels, we ensure a safe and efficient living environment for your family.

Commercial Electrical Services:

Empower your Lincolnwood business with MCC Electric’s commercial electrical services. From routine maintenance to energy-efficient lighting solutions, we specialize in keeping your electrical systems reliable and efficient. Swift emergency repairs minimize downtime, ensuring seamless business operations.

Safety Inspections and Code Compliance:

Safety is paramount in Lincolnwood, and MCC Electric excels in thorough safety inspections. Beyond routine checks, we identify potential hazards and ensure strict compliance with local electrical codes, creating secure environments for homes and businesses.

Power Backup Solutions:

Experience uninterrupted power in Lincolnwood with MCC Electric’s backup solutions. From expert generator installations to advanced battery backup systems, we mitigate the impact of outages, providing reliable power for homes and businesses alike.

Security Systems:

Safeguard your Lincolnwood property with MCC Electric’s advanced security systems. Our CCTV installations offer vigilant surveillance, while alarm systems and access control solutions fortify your property. We tailor security measures to your unique needs for comprehensive protection.

What to expect from our services in Lincolnwood?

Below are the service aspects you should expect from MCC Electric

  • We cover Lincolnwood and the other associated areas
  • You can expect professional service to cater to all your electric needs
  • Whether it is minor or major repair work or new electrical installation, MCC Electric is here to help.
  • Being a licensed professional, we can guarantee the accuracy of work and the associated safety & security for your services.
  • Timely services is another service feature you should expect from our company.

Things To Do In Lincolnwood

While waiting for getting the electrical problems fixed, you can try visiting any of the following locations in Lincolnwood:

Explore the Sculpture Park:

Visit the Lincolnwood Sculpture Park, featuring outdoor sculptures set amidst a tranquil environment. It’s a great spot for art enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful stroll.

Dine at Local Restaurants:

Enjoy diverse cuisines at Lincolnwood’s local restaurants. From family-owned eateries to international cuisine, there’s something for every palate.

Visit the Lincolnwood Town Center:

Shop and explore at the Lincolnwood Town Center, a shopping mall with various stores, boutiques, and dining options.

Play Golf at the Bryn Mawr Country Club:

Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the Bryn Mawr Country Club, which offers a scenic and challenging golf course.

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