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Lurie Garden


As Chicago is full of greenery and gardens, we are sure you must have visited many of them already. Now, are you looking for one of the other green locations to enjoy a great time? Then Lurie Garden is the best option.

The article covers the facilities and things to enjoy in Lurie Garden.

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Things to do in Lurie Garden Chicago:

Below are the main attractions you can have fun with on while visiting this beautiful garden.

Large area coverage:

Lurie Garden covers 2.5 acres of land, providing visitors with enough space to roam around, play games, or enjoy some alone time.

Contains multiple styles of plants:

You won’t only find trees or grass in this garden, but a combination of plant styles, ranging from trees to shrubs, exists. Bulbs and different grasses are also prominent.

The World’s Largest green roof:

One of the interesting facts about this garden is that it is an important component of the World’s largest green roof initiative. So, while visiting it, you can be a part of something bigger.

High costs involved:

Visiting Lurie Garden is a must because a significantly high cost has been incurred set it up as it currently is. Besides, the maintenance and upkeep cost is also high. Doesn’t that intrigue you to visit this garden?

The initial cost incurred on its setup is $13.2 million. An endowment fund is available to provide $10 million for the maintenance.

Guided walks and interactive sessions:

Not everyone is aware of all the trees and plants in the garden. So, just visiting without a guide wouldn’t provide you with all the useful stuff that could have increased your knowledge.

This is why the garden’s administration arranges guided walks and interactive sessions that help the visitors know all the details about the plants, trees, bulbs, and shrubs available in the garden.

It consists of two plates:

It is a rooftop garden, so it is designed on two “plates” supported by two strong hedges. The colors of plants used in these plays represent different meanings. For example, the usage of dark colors portrays Chicago’s history. The darker side consists of shady canopies and other shade-providing plants.

The light plate represents the future of the city. There are no trees grown in this part to portray a modern, simple, and fun image.

Summing up:

Lurie Garden is not an ordinary park that you generally visit for a morning walk. It has a lot more to it; you should explore it on your next outing day.

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