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Millennium Park Chicago


On your visit to Chicago, one of the things that you must not miss is Millennium Park. It is full of attractions that will not let you go home even after spending the entire day at the park. It is best to plan this visit on a weekend where you and your kids can have a fun time together.

But what exactly can you enjoy in this park? We are sharing the list of some things you can do here:

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Things you can do in Millennium Park Chicago:

Here is the list of facilities to enjoy:

Enjoy the green area:

As it is a park, it has lush green grounds and trees all around. You can play on the grass, relax, read books, or just enjoy the sun. Your kids would have ample place to run around and get involved in their own games.

Be part of the exhibitions:

Millennium Park also holds multiple exhibitions. You can be part of these exhibitions to enjoy the brilliant pieces of art and sculpture. However, these exhibitions are not a regular part of the park’s entertainment facilities, so you would need to explore if there is an on-going exhibition in the park during your visit.

Music Programs:

If you are a fan of music, these programs would definitely be a source of entertainment for you. Different singers and bands are part of the live performances, so you can enjoy a great musical evening with your partner.

Film programming:

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie while lying on the ground? Usually, such an idea seems a fantasy, but this is possible in Millennium Park where you can enjoy a movie on the green grass. So, it would be a refreshing as well as an entertaining experience. Be sure to have a look at the movie list before you visit the park. It will help you in optimizing your time and make you be on time for your favorite film.

Recreational activities:

Multiple recreational activities, including yoga, and aerobics are part of the park’s culture. If you intend to visit this park daily, you might want to opt-in for such energizing and recreational activities.

Private Events are also possible:

If you like the park’s beauty and are looking to arrange your wedding or birthday party in the park, it is also possible. There is a dedicated place in the park for the arrangement of such functions. You will have to book the area well before time to get to this facility.

This is not all. Other recreational and fun activities are also available to enjoy. You can visit Millennium Park’s website to find the activities suiting your taste.

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