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Montrose Beach


Visiting a beach is always fun. But if you visit the old ones repeatedly, you might seem bored or at home. To create diversity in your outings, wouldn’t it be better to look for other options?

Montrose Beach is definitely one such option that presents itself as an exciting place to visit. Let’s look at some facilities you can enjoy on your visit.

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Things to enjoy at Montrose Beach:

Below are the main things to enjoy in Montrose Beach:

Golden Sands:

The view of Golden Sands spread three miles is amazing. The scenario created with the coexistence of water and golden-coloured sand takes you to an imaginary world. You can sit there, relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Family Beach:

One of the other amazing things about Montrose is that it is a family beach where you can plan fun outings with your family. Kids will especially love visiting this place because of the water interaction, amusement center, ice-cream parlor and other such facilities.

You can expect your kids to be indulged in different activities and spend the entire day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Presence of the circular walk path:

The beach also contains a circular walk path that lets you exercise with a beautiful scenario alongside. You can surely expect it to benefit your health more than anything else.

You can walk along the path and cover the entire beach even if you are not a regular visitor. Returning to the beach is possible via the inland route. However, you can check the tide to consider an alternative route.

Bike riding is also allowed on the track, so you might want to explore the beach this way.

You can take your dogs:

Dogs are permitted on Montrose Beach, Chicago. But there is a specifically designated area. Your dogs cannot move anywhere. Besides, they cannot remain without a leash.

So, if you think you and your dog can manage these conditions, why not get an outing together? It will help you build a stronger bond with your pet.

Have a look at the rare rabbit species:

Did you know that this beach has the rare species of Panne Rabbit? If you want to have a look at this unique variety of beautiful creatures, you must plan your visit today.

Summing up:

Montrose Beach is fun, and you can get the most out of it with your family, kids and pets. Plan your trip over the weekend, and you can enjoy the golden sands adjacent to blue water.

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