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Navy Pier Chicago


Do you want to enjoy some shoreline activities? Well, with Michigan Lake in Chicago, you don’t have to look for any other such place to enjoy. This shoreline has a Navy Pier comprising 50 acres of land. So, is that the shoreline only that you can enjoy? No, there are multiple other things that you can be part of while visiting this attraction. Here is what you can do at Navy Pier.

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Enjoy some rides:

Having some rides shoreside is going to be different as compared to the rides in the amusement park. Pepsi Wave Swinger, Light Tower Ride, Remote Control Boats, and the Carousel are a few wonderful rides to name. You’ll need to explore the location yourself to find others.

Eat delicious food:

With different shops and food stalls set up in the area, you’ll find every sort of cuisine that you can possibly look for in the area. When on the shore side, you should definitely try seafood. However, it is not the only specialty; the delicious Chicago food is another cuisine style that you must try.

Shop for yourself:

From the several shops in Navy Pier, you’ll find beautiful clothes, trendy accessories, and gift items. So, you can satisfy your shopping streak or buy souvenirs for your friends and family. Overall, you’ll love the variety and shopping experience.

Walk in the garden:

You don’t only have to rely on the artificial creations along the shore. There is a natural garden (Crystal Gardens) present in the area too. You can walk, play, or just enjoy the lush green gardens. Having a picnic with your friends or family is a great opportunity to enjoy yourself in his area.

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre:

For the lovers of Shakespeare, this theatre is a treat. There is always a Shakespeare drama arranged in this theatre. So, no matter when you go on your trip to this location, you’ll be able to enjoy it.

IMAX theatre:

Even if you want to enjoy movies, you’ll find an IMAX theatre in the vicinity too. So, look for the schedule before planning a movie day out with your friends.

Cruise Ride:

Last but not the least, you can enjoy the cruise ride as well. Observe the flowing water and feel the calm that it brings along. You can relax while on the ride or have fun with the activities going on the cruise.

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Summing Up:

Your trip to Navy Pier would be worth going. Select the attractions that you would like to enjoy beforehand so you won’t waste any time in selecting the right thing to do.

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