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Newberry Library


Interested in books or have a research paper due this year? Visiting libraries can be one of the essential things you could be doing these days, isn’t that correct?

Deciding on the library you want to visit is often based on the locational vicinity and the available resources in the library. So, while living in Chicago, Newberry Library seems to be the most promising option.

What are the reasons for choosing Newberry Library for your general visits? We’ll discuss them in this article.

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A historic Library:

The Newberry Library, Chicago is a historic library. It was opened for public use in 1887. Its existence since the late nineteenth century guarantees the presence of a great collection of books, newspapers, and other information sources you might not find anywhere else.

The availability of all this information can be helpful in your research and other literary commitments.

Free public access:

One of the other advantages of this library is that everyone has free access to it. It means no subscriptions or mandatory donations are required to start your literary journey with the library. Isn’t that an easy thing to do?

However, free access also means that it would be a bit busy. So, you might not get the ultimate silence you wish for when in the library.

Wide range of topics available:

The library covers books and other resources on several topics, including culture and history. From the geographical viewpoint, Western Europe and America-related books are prominent. The topics like Renaissance, travel, music, exploration, and evolution of society over the last six decades are mostly covered.

Additional services available:

You don’t only have to rely on traditional library services. The library offers a lot more through exhibitions, adult education seminars, and meet-the-author sessions. So, you have a lot to consume if you consider Newberry Library as your general go-to learning resource.

Several books:

You’ll be amazed at the number of books that the library has to offer for its visitors. There are 1.5 million books, 5 million manuscript pages, and 500,000 historic maps. So, no matter what the topic of your research is, you can easily find enough resources to know everything about it. It all comes down to your information consumption ability.

Summing up:

You might not want to visit the library for fun or a recreational visit. But it is a great learning hub in Chicago that you shouldn’t miss.

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