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North Avenue Beach


While visiting Chicago, one of the wonderful attractions here is North Avenue Beach. It isn’t similar to any other beach you’ll find in the entire United States. How can you enjoy your visit to this beach? Or what are the important things you should take care of while visiting the area? We have covered all this information here in this article.

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Beautiful scenery:

One of the most important aspects to consider while visiting this beach is the iconic view that you will get. Sand covered with water and an enormous ocean in the front will make you feel amazing at this place. You can sit at the beach for hours and enjoy the scenic beauty without getting bored.

Swim along the water:

The waters of North Avenue Beach are open for you to swim. You can go to a considerable depth in the ocean and enjoying the flowing water. However, there is a restriction imposed. You can only swim at times when the coastguards are not on duty. It is important to comply with this condition considering your safety and a good environment at the beach.

Pets are not allowed:

One of the rules at the beach that might concern you is regarding pets. As a pet parent, you cannot take your pets along with you to the beach. So, to comply with the rule, you must arrange for your pets in advance, or you will have to skip your outing opportunity.

Picnic points:

You can have some delicious meals on the beach as well. Barbecue grills are available in the designated areas. You can take your meat and vegetables along to get the most out of your time. But don’t forget to trash the used coal in the specific areas as advised by the authorities. Besides, as a good citizen, you are expected to throw the trash away in the dustbins. Only then can the public space remain clean.

Summing up:

Visiting North Avenue Beach is fun. But you have to follow the necessary steps and precautions. So everyone can enjoy the area.