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Oak Street Beach


On the Shore of Lake Michigan. Oak Street Beach awaits to bring you a fantastic experience. You can definitely enjoy the amazing beauty of the lake, but there is more to it. You don’t have to rely on anything less than the perfect on this wonderful visit of yours.

Things to enjoy in Oak Street Beach:

Below are the main things to enjoy in Oak Street Beach:

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Beautiful Water:

Of course, while visiting the beach, your main aim is to enjoy the beauty of the water. The flowing water and its depth are what you should expect to amaze you the most. So, be ready for landscape scenery and a beautiful backdrop for your pictures.


Food and beverage stalls and chair rentals are the prominent facilities you should expect in the area. With all these facilities, you can enjoy a great picnic while boing on the beach. You must not forget about throwing the trash in the dustbin and leaving the shore clean.

Enjoy swimming:

If you have a passion for swimming or the water attracts you, you can enjoy swimming in the food and beverage. However, it is only allowed when the Coast guards are available. Besides, you can only swim parallel to the shore from Division Street to the Chess Pavilion.

Walk on the shore:

Another activity you can enjoy is walking on the sandy beach and letting go of your tensions and problems. A good walk with a friend can relieve all your stress and bring back zeal and enthusiasm to your life.

Summing up:

Oak Street Beach is one of the fantastic places to visit. On your trip to Chicago, you must plan to visit it. If you are a resident, we are sure you must have already been to this beach and enjoyed its beauty.