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How do you obtain a quote for the electrical work needed in your home?


Are you looking for a quote from an electrician or an electrical company? Wondering what are some of the important things that you should take care of while getting the quote?

This article covers the procedure for getting a quote from an electrician. We are sure you’ll find it informative.

Process for getting the quote from the electricians:

Here’s the process you should expect to follow to get a quote from an electrician or electrical company. You might have to go through minor changes in the procedure when considering the different companies, but the overall steps set by each company would be similar. So, you don’t have to worry much.

Let’s see how things start:

Shortlist a few companies/individuals:

The first step in getting the quote is to finalize a few companies from which you can get the quote.

You must not make a random choice. In most scenarios, consider a company close to your residential or commercial building or the one with exceptional service delivery that must be on your shortlisted list. As the quote is related to electrical tasks, you cannot compromise on quality and other such factors.

Contact their representatives:

The next task is to contact the representatives of the companies you have shortlisted. If there are 3-4 companies, you must connect with everyone, share the work that needs to be done, and ask for an estimated rate.

In most cases, providing you with an exact quote would be difficult for the companies. This is why you’ll find most companies offering obligation-free surveys and quote for your electrical needs. You can avail of this offer and ask the questions you might have in mind.

The other option is to share as much information as you have with the companies and get a quote. But this quote might not reflect the real price you’ll have to pay. So, keep margin in your budget when using this option.

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Book a slot:

For the shortlisted companies, you can compare the services and the quotes offered by each one of them. This comparison will help you make a perfect choice.

So, book a slot with the selected electrician or electrical company at a time of your convenience.

Dos of getting a quote from an electrician:

Here is a list of activities that you must do when getting a quote:

  • Mention the specifics of the work to be done (e.g., the power point overloads)
  • Check the license and portfolio to ensure their credibility
  • Tell the company about the building type to get the proper quote. Residential rates might be lower, while the commercial charges for an electrical gig are often high.

Don’ts of getting a quote from an electrician:

Below are the don’ts of getting a quote from an electrician:

  • Do not evaluate the quotes on price only. Compare the service features and expertise as well
  • There can be unclear information in the quote. Make sure to clarify before you assign the contract.
  • You have to follow the regulations when going for electrical work at your place. So, ensure the selected company complies with them.

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