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Rookery Building


Do you want to know the oldest standing high-rise building in Chicago? Rookery Building has this credit. Constructed in 1888, this building might not seem very tall, considering the new construction. But at the time when it was newly built, people were excited to see it.

Building Architects:

Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root are the architects of this building. This structure is not only known as one of the best buildings from the architectural point of view. But also a combination of traditionalism and modernism.

Rookery building has exterior load-bearing walls, which added to the modern look and technique for building creation. Besides, the interior steel frame gave it the old-style look.

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A touch of Frank Lloyd Wright:

In this building, a touch of Frank Lloyd Wright also exists. He revamped the building’s lobby in 1905, and to date, it is Wright’s architectural design that exists in this particular area.

Landmark Position:

Rookery Building has achieved the status of Chicago’s landmark, making it one of the must-go places.

Current condition:

Now, this building is under the private ownership of a European family group. But you do not have to miss this building’s architecture from the inside. Visiting it through guided tours with the help of Frank Lloyd Wright Trust is possible on weekdays. So, you’ll have to make arrangements accordingly.

Besides, you’ll have to be careful on your visit as this building is already occupied as an office space, so you can’t do much as it wouldn’t suit the occupants.

Summing up:

If you want to admire the architectural beauty of the landmark creation of famous architects, the Rookery Building in Chicago is a must-visit. But because of its current occupancy, you might not want to look at it as a tourist spot altogether. So, plan things accordingly to get the most out of your visit.

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