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The Merchandise Mart


TheMart or The Merchandise Mart (as it was previously known), is the world’s largest leasing commercial building. Present the downtown, it is an attraction that most tourists come to enjoy.

Don’t you find it beautiful from its images alone? We are sure visiting it in person would even have a higher impact. So, are you interested to find out what exactly is in the building, or what is the purpose of this building?

Let’s start discussing this without waiting any further.

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Area covered:

You’ll be astonished by the area covered by The Merchandise Mart. It is 4.2 million gross square feet with two city blocks covered within it. The height of the Merchandise Mart is not much considering the other skyscrapers in Chicago, but you can no doubt underestimate the beauty and functionality of this building.

Number of visits:

Another astonishing part about the building is the number of daily visitors. On average, 30,000 people visit this building every day, making them 10 million people annually.

Hub for creativity and innovation:

This business building is nothing like cliché rentals available; instead, it is a building known for its continuous evolution and creativity, especially in the showrooms of architects and interior design.

Part of Fortune 500 companies:

One of the other credits that The Merchandise Mart enjoys is to hold multiple Fortune 500 companies. These companies include Conagra, Allstate, Kellogg, Beam Suntory, and Grainger.

Other Awards:

The Merchandise Mart has some other awards in its pockets, making it one of the sophisticated buildings for business purposes. These awards include LEED Silver Certification in 2007 and LEED Gold Certification in 2013 and 2018, highlighting the building’s efficiency.

Not a tourist place:

Having said so much about the building, let us clarify that it is not a tourist location where you can spend some time or shop. It is purely a business building, which houses some prominent brands and companies and still is a lucrative option for renting as a business.

Multiple amenities to facilitate business owners and visitors:

The reception area, loading dock, parking area, etc., are a few facilities that The Merchandise Mart offers its incumbents.

You can find more details about these facilities once you contact the management for the rental agreement and other details.

Summing up:

If you need to settle a high-class business in Chicago, The Merchandise Mart is your place that comes with a variety of facilities that make doing business easier and simpler.

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