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The Renaissance Society


One of the literary places you can visit in Chicago is the Renaissance Society. It is an art museum that provides insight into the culture and history. So, it can be a fun journey while you visit this museum.

What makes this museum special? We have covered it in detail in this article. Let’s have a look:

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Over a century old

The Renaissance Society was established in 1915, which makes it older than a century. With such a long history of the museum, you can expect the level of information this museum will be able to provide you.

Focusses on new artists

The purpose of its establishment and overall focus was to help produce new artwork by new artists. So, over time, the Renaissance Society Chicago has helped art lovers and creators put ideas into the painting, bringing greater ease.

Four exhibitions every year

You can analyze society’s determination to promote art through the four exhibitions the museum manages every year. The purpose of these exhibitions is to display the works of different artists, providing them with a platform to show their skills and abilities.

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Range of events

The Renaissance Society also arranges various events apart from the annual four exhibitions. These include concerts, screenings, reading, and lectures. So, no matter what time of the year you visit the society, you’ll find many things to learn and have fun with.

Mainly as a student of contemporary art, you can analyze the transformation of art from the 20th century to the current era.

Maintains an autonomous status today

The renaissance was initially part of the University of Chicago. But in 1974, it established itself as an independent, autonomous body. The reason for its establishment as a separate body was the deficit budgets the University had to finance. Now, the museum is still in the University’s facility as a rent-free entity, but it doesn’t receive any other financial help from the authorities.

Summing up

The Renaissance Society marks the era of contemporary art, providing a platform for new artists and students to highlight their work and learn from their seniors. With various events arranged by the society management, you can find an entertainment opportunity too, which can help the art society manage its funds. Plan things according to the upcoming events and have fun.

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