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The Wrigley Building


Are you excited to visit the skyscrapers in Chicago? The Wrigley Building is one of the fantastic buildings you can plan in your schedule while in the state.

Why is this building famous and what are some attractions you can enjoy here? These are the questions that you might have in mind when reading about the Wrigley Building.

Do not worry, as we are here to provide you with answers to all these questions.

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Beautiful Architecture:

What is in the building, or what are some of the things you can enjoy here? One of the most important things you can enjoy here is the architecture of the building.

The building’s height and design are so impressive that they can act as a backdrop for your pictures. You might want to stand and absorb the overall aura that the building brings in for you and have fun.

Constructed as Wrigley Headquarters:

There was no formal office space for Wrigley offices at such a mass level before Wrigley’s Building Construction. So, it was declared the company’s headquarters, giving it even more importance.

Known as the first air-conditioned building in Chicago:

One of the other things that make this building a landmark in Chicago is that it was the first air-conditioned building in the city. Yeah, you read it right! Before the Wrigley Building, there was no air-conditioned building there.

Different heights of the tower:

The building’s architecture is unique in the sense that the height of both towers is different. Both the towers have a connection created between them via walkways at the ground level and the third floor.

Sold in 2011:

Almost after 90 years of ownership by the Wrigley Company, the building was sold in 2011 to a group of investors. These investors include Zeller Realty Group and the Groupon owner. With the change of ownership, the exclusive business look of the building has changed significantly.

Now, you can find a coffee shop, fitness center, and a nursing room for mothers within this building. It not only eases the life of the parents; but also lets the outsiders visit the building and have a closer look at the interior to grab the feel.

Summing up:

This building will be of particular interest to you if you have been looking for a commercial space. You can also find it appealing from an architectural point of view. So, we suggest you look at the building and enjoy its beauty.

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