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Unity Temple


Unity Temple is one of the famous buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Built in the year 1908, this structure has been regarded as one of the most important ones in the 20th century. For people interested in architecture or history, this Unity Temple Chicago has ample opportunities for you to have fun.

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Historical background:

The history of Unity Temple and the way the designer started the designing process are unique and worth sharing. Upon your visit, your tour guide might share it with you like it not interesting only but also leads to its construction.

In 1905, as a result of a lightning strike, the church was destroyed. To rebuild this church, Wright was included in the list of architects to whom the commission could be awarded. Although Wright was not a resident of the area but belonged to a similar belief, he was considered apt.

Structural strength:

As the architecture of the building is unique, it also had the special strength for which the entire building is famous. Strangely, the entire building was made from reinforced concrete.

The first modern building:

Apart from the various other attributes associated with this Unity Temple, it has also been regarded as the first modern building. You can very well imagine the awe it would have created at that time.

Effort-driven design:

Creating such a structure that would be known for centuries wasn’t easy. Wright had to face multiple challenges in creating the design and then implementing it. Apart from the structural difficulties, one of the other challenges for Wright was to design the furniture and stained glass of the Unity Temple.

Part of the UNESCO Heritage:

Unity Temple has become part of the UNESCO heritage buildings in 2019. There were a few other buildings designed by Wright that were included in the list.

Summing up:

Unity Temple Chicago has structural beauty as well as different awards and recognitions associated with it. You are surely going to have fun while visiting this place.

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