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Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel for My Home Office?


The work-from-home facility comes with multiple benefits, but one of the additional responsibilities it levies on the workers in the maintenance of an efficient work environment, including electricity errands.

You might consider it additional work, but in reality, it isn’t. Even if you were not working from home, you still had to fix the electrical problems for the safety and well-being of your family and belongings.

But the real question here is should you upgrade your electrical panel? Or what is the right time to do so? We are sure there are multiple other readers with the same concern as many of us don’t have a professional electrical background, so this question makes the most sense.

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Do you have an old house?

If you live in an older house, the chances are that your electrical panel will not only be old but without electrical fuses too. If that is the case, you must change your electrical panel as a priority task.

The old panels are incapable of providing security equal to the newer panels; thus, your home and home-office will always be at risk. In extreme situations, you might have to go through extreme heating of the wire and short circuits.

Signs you should switch to a newer electrical panel immediately:

Here are a few electrical signs indicating you need a new electrical panel right away.

Frequent breaker tripping:

If your circuit breakers are tripping frequently, this is an indication that your electrical panel is overburdened.

If you use high power consumption electronics:

If you use an air conditioner or compressor, or other such devices one at a time, you might not feel the need for an upgraded electrical panel. But if you have to use two or three high-power drawing devices simultaneously, you’ll have to upgrade your existing electrical panel.

Usually, a circuit breaker performs its job well with a single device working. But if you put a lot of extra loads, you’ll need the system upgrade.

Changing electrical panels must not be a DIY Project:

No matter how tempted you are to change or repair your home office electrical panel on your own, you must not do it. It isn’t as simple as changing a light bulb. It is technical and needs a licensed electrician to manage things perfectly. So do not attempt for any DIY efforts.

Summing up:

You can hire an electrician and upgrade your home office electrical panel if you go through frequent breaker tripping or use multiple electronics at once.

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