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Wrigley Field


Living on the Northern side of Chicago? Want to know about a place where you can go out with your family and enjoy yourself? Wrigley Field is such a place where you can enjoy some great times with your loved ones.

Do you want to know what else Wrigley Field Chicago has to offer? Let’s explore it together:

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Baseball game:

For all the lovers of the baseball game, this Wrigley Field is a must-go place. You can enjoy fantastic baseball games. Choose your favorite team and support it in full spirit to get the most of your time along with the game. We are sure your kids will love this place. So allow them to have all the fun they want.

Ivy-covered brick wall:

One of the interesting facts that we can share with you regarding the Wrigley Field is that you’ll recognize it from a considerable distance because of the extra-ordinary ivy-covered brick wall it has. Another interesting fact is that you won’t find any parking areas around this field because it is present in the residential area where people can easily peep in from the rooftops.

If you live in the vicinity, you must have tried it multiple times, have you?

Seating Capacity:

Being in the residential area doesn’t make it any less worthy. It has a seating capacity for over 40000 visitors. This capacity has been achieved after the last renovation that was done in 2017. So, you can find it nearly as big as any of the other baseball stadiums around.

Summing up:

Wrigley Field can be a great place if you have your favorite team playing the match. Even if your favorite one isn’t there, you can still choose one of the teams playing on the field and enjoy a good game. All you have to do is to go with a winning mindset.

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